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  • Meteor Essential Micro Fiber Sports Towel

    METEOR Meteor Essential Micro Fiber Sports Towel

    READY FOR ANY SITUATION: METEOR microfiber towels come in four convenient sizes: S (42 x 55 cm), M (50 x 90 cm), L (80 x 130 cm), XL (110 x 175 cm). Whether it is a small gym towel to fit in your gym bag or a large beach towel for ultimate beach relaxation, we’ve got you covered. SUPER ABSORBENT and QUICK DRYING: Our quick dry travel towel can hold up to five times its weight in water, making it the most functional microfiber towel for travel packing. It also dries up to ten times faster than normal, terry cloth or cotton towels. The microfiber fabric is designed to be mildew resistant and to be odour-free, making them perfect for indoor/outdoor activities. EASY PACKING and HANGING: Each travel towel comes with a convenient carry bag for travelling and a quick-snap hang loop for easy hanging on a towel rack, branch at a campsite, or even on your beach umbrella. ULTRA-SOFT FEELING: METEOR Quick-Dry Towels use the finest blend of microfiber: thin, luxe, compact, and super absorbent. It’s perfect for quick drying of the skin after swimming, workouts, backpacking, or even hot yoga. Features: Quick-Drying, Super Water Absorbent, Lightweight & Compact, Delicate and Soft for skin, Sew-in Elastic Loop, Portable Storage Bag

    $9.95 - $24.95

  • Meteor Large Foldable Waterproof Fleece Picnic Blanket

    METEOR Meteor Large Foldable Waterproof Fleece Picnic Blanket

    Available in sizes: 135 x 120 cm (53 x 47 inch) 200 x 180 cm (78 x 70 inch) 200 x 200 cm (78 x 78 inch) 220 x 200 cm (86 x 78 inch) If you love spending time outdoors with your family or friends or dreaming of relaxing in the bosom of nature, this product is just for you! Meteor picnic blanket will become an indispensable accessory for every lover of picnics, outdoor life, and sunbathing. It was made of high-quality fleece characterized by softness and excellent protection against the colder ground, which significantly improves the comfort of use. As a blanket raise, a material was used to ensure sensational thermal insulation parameters. Besides, the bottom was covered with a thin layer of aluminium to prevent wetting the blanket. The blanket can be easily folded, it takes up little space, and the sewn handle makes it easier to carry. Large enough to accommodate a large family and colourful graphics will enjoy for a long time.

    $15.95 - $47.95

  • Meteor 25L Fitness Bag Gym Bag

    METEOR Meteor 25L Fitness Bag Gym Bag

    Quality - made of excellent quality fabrics, which guarantees durability and resistance to drowning. Structure - one side pocket and one main pocket, which significantly simplifies the organization of the place, so you can always find what you need at any given moment. Versatile - can be worn with a long, adjustable belt or two smaller handles, which increases the comfort of use. Compact - fold the bag and slip it into the side pocket, so it takes up little space, resembling a compact sachet. Dimensions - 25L SIGGY BAG (48 x 25x 25cm/436g)




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