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  • Meteor Anti-Burst Yoga Swiss Gym Ball

    METEOR Meteor Anti-Burst Yoga Swiss Gym Ball

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    METEOR Essential Anti-Burst Swiss Ball with Pump Multiple Sizes: 45-55cm / 55-65cm / 65-75cm / 75-85cm Kit Includes: Hand Pump / Spare Plug / Plug Remover Application: General Exercise / Office / Pregnancy / Therapy Assorted Colors: Black / Blue / Green / Red / Purple / Yellow / Grey / Light Blue / Pink Features: Non-Slip Surface / Thick PVC Material / Anti-burst Microcells  

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  • Meteor Essential Hip Bands with Anti-Slip Silicone Weaving

    METEOR Meteor Essential Hip Bands with Anti-Slip Silicone Weaving

    Perfect for lower body workout by offering more support and resistance to help shape legs, hips, glutes, ankles, and calves. Featuring a wide and soft elastic fabric with inner silicone weaving to prevent sliding and discomfort during vigorous motions. The bands come in (3) colour-coded options and each measures 80mm in width while varying slightly in length, resulting in a difference in the overall resistance level. Each band is specialized for a specific training intensity (Light/Moderate/High). Lightweight Hip Band The pink, low-resistance hip band is great for beginners and occasional trainers. Mild resistance level and a wide contact area help to keep legs and thighs in a neutral position, reducing the chance of muscle momentum thus maximizing workout results. PINK = 5kg - 15kg Resistance Moderate General Band The mid-level hip band is for advanced users who are now getting used to resistance training. Applications include banded squats, glute bridge, lunges, leg raises, and other training that covers lower body muscles like thighs, calves, quads, and glutes. MINT = 10kg - 25kg Resistance Intensive Monster Band The monstrous intensive hip band is the strongest of the range and offers maximum resistance for high-level squats, lunges, and jumps. Generally recommended for experienced trainers and professional athletes seeking the ultimate challenge. GREY = 15kg - 35kg Resistance

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  • Meteor Essential Yoga Strap

    METEOR Meteor Essential Yoga Strap

    2.5mm Thickness An added 2.5mm thickness compare to the common 2mm thickness. A perfect balance of durability and flexibility. Solid D-rings Zinc-plated, solid steel rings that will not break or deform after repeated usage. Reinforced Stitching Reinforced stitching with accurate alignment on both ends for a clean and sleek-looking yoga strap. High-Density Weaving Pure Cotton with highly dense wraps and weaving to offer a maximum pulling of 1000 kg.   Using a yoga strap is a good way to get some self-help into your yoga practice. No matter what your level of experience is with yoga, a strap can provide useful help with support, alignment, and posture. Outer Hip Release / Supine Twist Pigeon with Quad Release Natarajasana / Full Dancer Pose Sitting Leg Stretch


  • Meteor 20cm Mini Anti-Burst Swiss Ball

    METEOR Meteor 20cm Mini Anti-Burst Swiss Ball

    METEOR Anti-Burst Stability Ball (Mini Size 20cm) METEOR Anti-Burst Stability Ball (Mini Size 20cm) is an excellent addition to your Yoga, Pilates and even routine workouts. Initially designed for improving overall body coordination / minor muscle toning, making it a popular tool for Yoga & Pilates. Also a great product for Physio Therapy and General Relaxation for its ability to promote blood circulation and muscular flexibility. Sometimes people also use it slightly deflated as a soft prop under the head, neck, feet or back for a comfortable sitting posture. *BEFORE YOU PURCHASE - The image displayed is a collection of all colours of the mini swiss ball and does not necessarily represent you will be receiving six colours in full. Please select and check out your desired option.

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  • Meteor Anti-Burst Yoga Swiss Gym Birth Ball (Peanut Shape)

    METEOR Meteor Anti-Burst Yoga Swiss Gym Birth Ball (Peanut Shape)

    Size: 90 x 45 cm Multiple Colors: Blue / Mint / Grey / Pink Kit Includes: 1x Peanut Ball / 1x Foot Pump / 2x Air Plugs / 1x Plug Remover Application: General Exercise / Office / Pregnancy / Labor Delivery / Pet Training / Therapy Features: Non-Slip Surface / Thick PVC Material / Anti-burst Microcells / Ergonomic Peanut Shape General Exercise Works great as a stability ball for balance training increases core muscle strength. Also a popular choice for Crossfit Training & Group Workout for its peanut shape. Pregnancy & Labor Use as an exercise ball during pregnancy, improve pelvic health and reduce the weight pressure from baby. Hospitals also use them as birthing balls to assist with labor. Toddling & Play 90*45cm is an ideal size for toddling kids compare to the standard size round swiss balls. Easier to balance & size on thanks to its peanut shape. Pet Training Some trainers use the peanut ball as an exercise tool for their dogs, especially mid-large size breeds with common hip and pelvic problems, such as Golden Retriever, Labrador


  • Meteor 6mm Yoga Mat With Alignment Lines

    METEOR Meteor 6mm Yoga Mat With Alignment Lines

    METEOR 6mm Essential Dual-Tone Yoga Mat METEOR Essential Dual-Tone Yoga Mat comes with a 6mm odorless TPE material with a built-in tearproof grid layer, a perfect balance between KNEE PROTECTION and MOBILITY. Slightly Extended Size: 183*65cm with a 6mm Thickness Each Unit Contains: 1x Dual-Tone TPE Mat 1x Quick-Tie Mesh Storage Bag 1x Classic Black Yoga Strap *NOTE - BEFORE YOU PURCHASE: The main image displayed is an illustration of the full range of METEOR Essential Dual-Tone Yoga Mat, and DOES NOT necessarily represent that you will be getting all the mats. Please check out your desired configuration. Skid-Resistance Patterns FRONT: Slip-Resistance Lock Pattern mimicking the surface of rough locks, allowing you to perform challenging postures with safe of mind. BACK: Wavey Lines for increased horizontal grip. The mat will not slide around even on smooth floors. Tearproof Grid Layer A layer of tearproof grid adhered to the front and back TPE layer, closely bonding the mat together, making it ultra tear-resistance even for vigorous exercises. High-Density TPE Material ODOURLESS TPE Material + Laser-Engraving Lines. Free of silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates. Passed RoHS and Color Fastness Testing.

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  • Meteor Essential Open-Ended Resistance Straps

    METEOR Meteor Essential Open-Ended Resistance Straps

    METEOR Essential Open-Ended Resistance Straps METEOR Essential Open-Ended Resistance Straps are easy-to-use, convenient, portable, and are an effective alternative to free weights and weight machines. They can be used in the clinic, at home, or on the go. Featuring an open-ended design to distinguish itself from the classing resistance loop sets, and suits a wider range of workout scenarios. Tie both ends together and use it as a resistance loop, or simply leave it open to use as a flexible strap. *Available for purchase in sets or single pieces: Single Piece : Pink // Blue // Off-White // Light Grey // Dark Grey 3PCs Set: Lite (Blue/Pink/Off-White) or Heavy (Off-White/Light-Grey/Dark-Grey)  

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  • Meteor Essential Stability Cushion, Balance Pad

    METEOR Meteor Essential Stability Cushion, Balance Pad

    Reduce Spine Pressure / Corrects Posture / Relief Heel Ankle Pain Sitting in an office chair for prolonged periods of time can definitely cause low back pain or worsen an existing back problem. The main reason behind this is that sitting in an office chair or in general is a static posture that increases stress in the back, shoulders, arms, and legs, and in particular, can add large amounts of pressure to the back muscles and spinal discs. The METEOR Balance Pad, when properly inflated, offers optimal cushioning between the user and the chair. Users can even wobble back and forth, left and right, to relax their lower back muscles to restore them to a relaxed condition. The dotted surface offers extra stimulation to improve your blood circulation—a truly versatile piece of accessory. Inflation Guide 1. Pull out the valve pin (located at the top cover of the pump, right next to the lever), and screw it tightly to the pump. 2. Insert the pin to the balance pad at a slightly tilted angle (DO NOT insert the pin vertically to avoid punching through the balance pad and causing leakage) 3. Pull and Push the lever with care to start pumping to your preferred inflation level 4. For deflation, insert the valve pin into the balance pad to start


  • Meteor Essential Yoga Block

    METEOR Meteor Essential Yoga Block

    CONSTRUCTION - Made of Durable High-Density EVA Foam to provide reliable support even under considerable weight. NON-SLIP - Slip-resistant surface and Beveled edges provide a safe and comfortable grip. SWEAT RESISTANT - Moisture-proof material for a sweat-resistant environment and easy maintenance. DIMENSION - Each Meteor Essential Yoga Block measures 3*6*9 inches or 7.62*15.24*22.86cm in size. LIGHTWEIGHT - Mono Colour 120grams, Dual-Tone 180grams.

    $11.94 - $20.34

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